So I was nominated by keepthislonelybeat for me to post 6 selfies, note to self TAKE LESS SELFIES. Literally have hundreds of the bloody things in my photo library. Although these bring back a lot of good memories :3 look at how pretty chaoticcreatureatheart and captain-pear look :P

I nominate gemmahazel cuz she’s so pretty :P

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Since I was tagged by that little shit keepthislonelybeat, here are six selfies I really like! One of these features my darling dr-mordinsolus :3

Tagging chaoticcreatureatheart (btw if you find you don’t have that many, you took some on my phone and there’s a good one if you with MiMi) and stinasoir :3

Gym, watch an entire season of Peep Show, pub. Repeat for 6 weeks and you have Caerphilly summer

amelie-liedtome asked me to do the 6 selfie thing and I’ve kinda cheated by including not selfie pics but what can I say, I’m a maverick

I nominate dr-mordinsolus, captain-pear

Just did the most productive walk of shame ever, got all today’s errands done as soon as the shops opened

"When bands are like, ‘I’m such a deep artist, all my songs are deep’, it’s like, ‘come on, you are not’. You think about boobies just like everyone else."

— Brian Fallon (via transistor-subsidal)

Dirty, dirty riff into this beautiful Horrible Crows like chorus, Fallon is the king

Did I mention the riff is filthy?

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