I think I saw you for the flash of a moment
Your broken heart and the body that holds it

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surrender // the smith street band

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I’ve been working longer hours watching money streaming in, I’ve been trusting crooks and liars like I don’t have any friends, I’ve been finding myself praying when I’m deepest in the sin, I’ve been reinventing happiness again. It’s been painful resolution set to jubilant applause, it’s been soaring highs and crushing lows and grinding in the jaw, it’s been begging for forgiveness after laying down the lay, it’s been like surgery to get through all the flaws. 

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Kinda feeling a cumulative four day hangover, just about the perfect mood for Louie and uni work

TFB looking hella photogenic last night

TFB looking hella photogenic last night

Bad time to realise I haven’t listened to Get Hurt in a while coz now I need to listen to it all to decide what I think about it again


If I thought it would help I would carve your name into my heart…

The Gaslight Anthem - Dark Places

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